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With the assistance of skilled and dedicated professionals, we are able to do the precision engineered PERFECT COIL  LAYER WINDING

Perfect, or orthocyclic winding yields a higher copper density than any other method, approaching a theoretical 90.6% for a large number of turns. This compares with 78.6% for a square lay, where each successive layer rests directly on the turns of the layer below it, or an approximate 84% for a more or less random winding. At first glance, perfect layer winding would seem to be easily achieved, since the winding tension on round wire would naturally cause it to fall into the groove formed by two adjacent turns of wire in the layer below. In actual practice, perfect layer winding is difficult to achieve in more than two or three layers without making special provisions in the winding process.

Yes . We achieved the layer winding with more than  50 layers in Bobbin coil winding. Our multi faceted design and process expertise is managed by the ADV process. Our years of experience in Bobbin and coil termination design complimented by an expertise in Bobbin insert moulding Precision LAYER WINDING and Thin wall coil over moulding has resulted in ZERO DEFECT rating for coil electrical defects in the field.

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